Water Features

Concept Landscapes cover all aspects of garden water feature installation within the landscape, from ponds to modern stainless steel features. We cover Hull and the surrounding areas - don't hesitate to contact us today for more information.


Water plays a large role in enhancing the feel of a landscape, whether it's the sight of a pond or the sound of water in the background.

Garden pond installations

  • Pre cast fibre glass. These are manufactured ponds that come in all shapes and sizes, they can be installed raised, semi-raised or at ground level. More expensive than a traditional liner, fibreglass has many benefits. It is totally weather tolerant; elements that will perish a traditional liner such as direct sun light and sub-zero temperatures have little to no effect on the fibreglass pond. It is also puncture proof, unlike a traditional liner which can be punctured easily.
  • Pond liner. The traditional way of lining a pond is a more cost-effective & extremely versatile way of creating a garden pond. The pond liner method allows you to create any shape or design of pond, raised, semi-raised or at ground level.

Visit our gallery for examples of water features within landscapes on some of our completed projects. We work across Hull and will be happy to discuss water features with you if you would like to introduce a focal point to your garden.